The Story

This one-hour music podcast seeks to reflect on the legacy and power of music through the eyelet opened up by the center-stage viewpoint of musicians with whom I am in conversation.
For this project, I spoke to three musicians whose musical signatures differ as much as they intertwine in their constant reference to Jazz, Afrobeat, highlife, soul, Calypso, R & B, and hip hop – all of which are musical genres emanating from the complex stories of Africans and African throughout many centuries.
First premiered at the Weimar Symposium, Germany.
A collaboration between Goethe Institut Germany and Nkata Podcast Station 

“Free Your Mind”

Release Date : June 16, 2021
Artists : Ade Bantu, Falana, Made Kuti
Genres : Afrobeat, Hip Hop, Jazz
Format : Digital Download

Artists in conversation: Made Kuti, Ade Bantu, Falana